The Canadian REALTORS Care® Foundation has been established to allow for collection, administration and disbursement of charitable donations and receipts in lieu of individual Boards, Associations and real estate companies having to set up their own. The Foundation will not be engaged in fund raising activities itself. It will not compete with existing Foundations or Boards and Associations and the excellent fund raising activities they undertake.

Rather, the creation of a national foundation is designed to do two things. The first is to save members the costs and administrative burden of setting up their own Foundations. The national foundation will also be the vehicle for collecting, sharing and promoting the extensive community and charitable contributions that REALTORS® make.

An important benefit of the Foundation is that it will allow us to collect information on community and charitable events in which REALTORS® are involved. This information will be shared within organized real estate, as well as promoted to the public. We know that there are many outstanding charitable programs in place across the country.

It is important that we share those initiatives with each other. Great ideas in one place are often the cause for doing something similar in another place. And it is important that we let the public know about REALTOR® contributions to their communities.